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CNC Press Braking

Cincinnati CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

175 Ton

            Precision Ram Repeatability +/- 0.0004

            12’ Crownable Filler Block

Programmable Backgage

Software to support

Laser Cutting

Mitsubishi 4030LXP

3000 Watt Laser

Max Sheet Size: 5ft x 10ft

Cutting thickness:

3/4" mild steel

3/8" stainless steel

1/4" aluminum

with .005" tolerance

Engineering Design

Our team works with AutoCad & Solidworks. We build per customer specs, whether its written on a napkin or designed in CAD software. We also do site visits and design custom fabrications from the ground up.


Our rolling department has both hand and power rollers that give us the ability to meet many rolling needs.

Shearing & Bending

With our shears, we are capable of shearing up to 10 feet long and 3/8” thick mild material.

We have multiple 12’ press brakes and hand brakes that allow us to fabricate many different types of products and help with any bending needs. 

Certified Welding

Our team is D1.1 Structural certified.


Our welding department includes MIG, TIG, spool, and spot welders.

We weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, and more.

Our saw cutting department offers horizontal and vertical band saws and cold saw. This allows all types of structural tube, angle, rods, and flat stock to be cut to length for many structural applications.

Saw Cutting

Our punches start at 3/16” and go up to 1” for Round holes.

We have various punches for oval and square.


We have machines to drill and tap products as well. 

Drilling & Punching

We have wide capabilities of cutting up to 1” thick stainless steel and 1.5" mild steel with .030 tolerances

We have a 6 foot x 10 foot cutting table.

HD Plasma Cutting

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