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About Us

Accurate is a Holland, Michigan based metal fabrication company. We are your one stop shop for all metal needs. 

Accurate Engineering & Manufacturing offers the following services: 

Engineering & Design     Laser Cutting     CNC Press Brake   


     Shearing    Saw Cutting    Sheet Bending    Rolling    Punching

Drilling   Tapping    MIG Welding   TIG Welding   Spot Welding   Spool Welding    Finishing  Grinding

Polishing    Machine Building & Assembly    Powder Coating (outsourced)    Painting (outsourced)


Accurate Engineering & Manufacturing, LLC previously did business under the name of Accurate Sheet Metal for over 20 years, with their goal being to create quality custom sheet metal products for any and all industries.

In April 2013 it was purchased and renamed. We continue to take pride in our ability to serve a multitude of industries with our quality custom products as well as maintaining our great employees, customer base and established reputation.

We continue to educate as well as add and upgrade software and machinery to increase our capabilities in order to better serve our diverse customer base.

With one of the original owners still active here at Accurate along with our talented and knowledgeable team members we continue to strive to be:


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